Ready-to-apply (RTA) Vinyl Lettering is the term used for letters that are precision cut with a computer operated vinyl cutter.  These have 3 layers- the vinyl letters are sandwiched between a paper backing on the bottom and a tape mask across the top.

The tape mask holds the individually cut letters together in alignment while you peel off the paper backing to expose the sticky adhesive.  You can then place the letters where you would like them applied, pressing firmly until they adhere to the surface.  Then you can peel off the tape mask, revealing your lettering, perfectly spaced and aligned.

These RTA Vinyl Letters can be applied to virtually any smooth surface, including but not limited to window lettering, vehicle lettering, boat lettering, wall lettering, and more.  They come in a wide array of colors including specialty colors that imitate the look of etched glass, gold leaf, silver leaf, carbon fiber, and more.  The wide variety and uses of Vinyl Lettering is limited only by your imagination!